Sunday, May 6, 2007

Happy Birthday, Eastcoaslife!

I dedicate the launch of my blogging to my beautiful gf/mistress/lover, known to the blogosphere as EASTCOASTLIFE.

I registered my this blog on her birthday. The first post will be on the celebration.

I have made plan for a romantic celebration about a month ago. I made an arrangement for a romantic night out in the open sea on a yacht, but her Chinese business associates also surprised her with their visit.

I have read coolinsider's blog on Café Del Mar in Sentosa, and was attracted by the romantic atmosphere. As we were about to enter Sentosa Gateway that evening, the staff called to confirm our attendance. When we checked with her on the reservation at the lounge area which is by the seaside, and more romantic, we were told that our reservation was only for dining. We were so pissed off as the outdoor lounge was what we were going there for.

I decided to change our location to Holland Village. We went to MichelAngelo Restaurant, and were lucky to get a table without a reservation. We made our orders.

When the food came, we spent about 10 min. taking the photos. One of the waiters reminded us a number of times that the food was turning cold, and even offered to take photos for us (perhaps so we could start eating our food sooner).

When I tried my Black Cod in coffee syrup, served with macadamia nuts and mint jelly,
Whoo .. it simply tasted delicious! When I looked up at ECL, she was licking her own lips, with her eyes almost closed, could see that she also enjoyed her Charcoal Grill Lamb. We shared the Eggplant Tower, which we also enjoyed.

I paid the bill for about $100 plus, although it may be expensive, but when I saw the smile on my darling's face, it was money well spent.

After our last visit to Essential Brew, I read the comments on ECL's blog that their Apple Crumble is a must try. As I like anything apples, I am very eager to try it out, so we walked over to EB. We were lucky again to find a seat on the upper floor. We ordered……

I found their desserts very pleasant, but ECL found the Green Tea Cheese cake too strong and bitter. We missed the Strawberry Panna Cotta, which we tried on our last visit.

We wanted to invite DK over to join us, but ECL could not find his phone no. in her new LG Shine handphone. Sorry ah, dk.


oceanskies79 said...

Eastcoastlife is so lucky to have such a loving bf/lover in you.

Looks like everyday is surprise with ECL.

Bernard said...

Uahh... new blog from the other half :-)

Welcome to blogosphere!

hhdu said...

Hi Oceanskies

At the same time, I also feel lucky to have ECL as my other half, enjoy everyday of fun.

We are also lucky to have you as our friend.

hhdu said...

Hi Bernard

Welcome to my blog. You have many interesting blog, especially on your medical experience.