Sunday, June 10, 2007

What kind of consultation, you can expect from an Optometrist?

What kind of consultation you can expect from an Optometrist?

i) History Taking : Need to know your visual history, eg. trauma to eyes, treatment on squint etc

Patient family visual history, eg. Parent/sibling - treatment for retinal detachment or glaucoma etc

Patient medical condition and medical history, eg. Diabetic, hypertension etc

Age / Profession / Visual Need

ii) Vision Check : What patient can best see without visual aids or with existing aids.

iii) Vision Correction Measurement (Objective findings): Using of retinoscope to measure the optical error of patient eyes system.

iv) Vision Correction Measurement (Subjective findings): Fine tune with optical trial lens, to obtain best vision obtain on eyes chart.

v) External Eyes Examination: With the help of slit-lamp, examine and detect any anomalies from the front of eyes, ie. eyelids; corneal up to crystalline lens. It may detect foreign bodies on corneal; cataract – opacities of the lens; dry eyes syndrome; conjunctivitis etc.

vi) Internal Eyes Examination: Using ophthalmoscope, examine the eyes for anomalies of retinal – eg. Diabetic retinopathy; optic nerve head – glaucoma etc.

vii) Other Checks may include:
a) Tonometry – eyes intra ocular pressure (diagnosis of glaucoma)
b) Binocular Vision screening
c) Vision Field Screening
d) Colour Vision Screening
e) Low Vision screening

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